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Since the beginning of 2015, CIPADH has already organized and is still actively organizing conferences and seminars. By organizing these events, CIPADH has the ability to pursue its main goals, which are the defense of human rights and the promotion of peace. These conferences allow the exchange of information on these issues to a larger audience, as well as the possibility to open up the dialogue on these subjects.

You will find a list of all the events organized by CIPADH below, as well as our future projects:

April 20th 2015: CIPADH, in partnership with Geneva Press Club, has organized a debate in Geneva, on the following topic: “Perceptions and perspectives of refugees in Europe”.

September 14th 2015: the inauguration of the work of art “Anything to Say”, which stopped in Geneva for a few days on the Place des Nations. CIPADH organized the unveiling of the bronze figures designed by Davide Dormino, in partnership with the ONG Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) and the swiss group “Anything to Say”.

September 16th 2015: CIPADH organized a debate, in partnership with the MEP and Paris Match on the following subject: “War photography: a witness for peace?”. This debate took place at the MEP, in Paris.

- December 10th 2015 : CIPADH will participate and animate workshops for a conference held at Saint-Paul highschool, in Vannes, France, in celebration of Human Rights Day on December 10th. This conference is part of the general effort initiated by students to learn more about the work of United Nations to ensure the daily respect of human rights, which is being investigated through the realisation of a documentary in partnership with Thomson-Reuter press agency.

Mars 2016: CIPADH wish to organize a conference or a side event during the regular session of the Human Rights Council, which will happen in March. In order to organize it, CIPADH is currently looking to partner with an organization.

September 2016: CIPADH wish to partner with the organization Terre des Hommes and organize a drawing contest called “Draw me peace”, which will target children of the age 10 to 12. This contest will happen during the Festival Terre des Hommes Valais. On top of this, CIPADH wish to organize an information booth on Peacebuilding and Children Rights, which will follow an introduction given by teachers in class.


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