Human Rights Council

34th Human Rights Council – Introduction


At its closure, the 33rd HRC focused on conflict zones and situations where freedom of speech is not allowed. The war in Yemen was the main topic of this session because of a lot of NGOs, specialists and UN Rapporteurs tried to raise awareness on this critical situation. They asked to stop attacks on civilian and to ensure humanitarian access.

33rd Human Rights Council - Conclusion


The situation in Yemen was the subject of a strong focus during the 33rd session. The Council adopted a resolution (A/HRC/33/L.5) on technical assistance and capacity-building for Yemen in the field of human rights. It calls all the parties to stop attacks on civilians and to ensure humanitarian access.

33rd Human Rights Council - Rights of Indigenous People


1. Opening statements

Mr. Abdelmoula opened the session by saying that we would focus on the question of the access of justice of indigenous1 women and girls. The indigenous women are the victims of more violence than the rest of the women. He also noted that quantitative data is often missing about violence on indigenous women and girls.


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