Interreligious communication, Freedom of Religion and Peacebuilding in Cyprus


*The Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church from Greek Cyprus, Porfyrios of Neapolis, open the discussion of this panel highlighting the ongoing process of dialogue between religious leaders in Cyprus. Under the auspices of the Swedish embassy in Cyprus, the main religious leaders of the island, beyond the borders have started meeting one another since 2009 and have created a prolific interreligious dialogue favouring the peace process.

Central African Republic : Chaos haunts Bangui once again


The situation recently took a turn for the worst, with the killing of a Muslim motorcycle taxi driver, which initiated the recent chaos in Bangui and started to threaten the fragile peace process initiated since last year. Residents claimed that the body of the taxi driver was discovered near a mosque in Bangui. The man was mutilated and killed due to his religious beliefs.


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