Human rights

The evening rountable entitled "the UN, what future for tomorrow?" organized by the Saint Paul High School in Vannes


The public evening roundtable offered the opportunity to the students and their relatives to reflect more deeply on the UN’s longstanding commitment to peace and security, its efficiency and its capacity to reform and handle difficult situations like the Syrian conflict.

Tenth Anniversary of the Responsibility to Protect: A Focus on Prevention


Michael Møller, Director General of the United Nations, opened the discussion by reminding everyone of the three pillars of R2P: first of all, the state carries the primary responsibility for the protection of populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

Romania : in denial about extreme poverty


The Rapporteur pointed out that many Romanian officials right now are in a deep state of denial when it comes to acknowledging the extent of poverty and discrimination towards the most vulnerable groups in the country. The officials struggle to be accountable for the situation: “The spotlight has now been shone dramatically on denial, corruption, inadequate government services, and a lack of official accountability”.


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