Conference: "Research Frontiers in Gender and Sustainable Peace"

Jun/07 12:15 - Jun/07 18:00

Auditorium Jacques-Freymond

Rue de Lausanne, 132



Auditorium Jacques-Freymond

Rue de Lausanne, 132



How does peace become sustainable and what role do gender relations play in the creation of sustainable peace? The question pre-occupies both academics and policy-makers. Scholarly research has postulated that there is a correlation between gender equality and the likelihood that countries solve conflicts violently. Conversely, in the policy world, there is an ongoing push for convergence between post-war humanitarian and development approaches with an eye towards fostering the structural changes necessary to make peace sustainable.

The proposed study day will provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders in the international Geneva policy network to engage with recent scholarship in the field of gender and peacebuilding. It seeks to accomplish two purposes, i.e.

To introduce recent findings from feminist research on gender and peacebuilding, and provide an opportunity to discuss such research from a policy perspective;

To develop the policy implications of this research and the outlines of feminist roadmap towards sustainable peace.

The format is a half-day event including a keynote address and two panels in which scholars present research and practitioners respond. The panels will be followed by a guided discussion to distill research gaps and necessary next steps to advance policies and programming.



  • 12:15 -13:15

Keynote Address

Carol Cohn (University of Massachusetts, Boston; Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights)

Beyond the “Women, Peace and Security” Agenda: Why We Need a Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace

  • 13:15-14:00

Lunch Reception

  • 14:00-15:15

Panel I: Gender and Conflict Management

Chair: Thania Paffenholz (Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative)

Christelle Rigual (Graduate Institute, Geneva) - Gendered Mechanisms of Managing Ethno-religious Conflict: Comparative Findings from Indonesia and Nigeria

Theresa Schroeder (Radford University) - Security and Stereotypes: Barriers to Women in Politics and Society

Discussants: Amanda Fazzone (Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, GCERF); Scott Weber (Interpeace) (TBC)

  • 15:15-15:45

Coffee Break

  • 15:45-17:00

Panel II: Political Economy of Gender and Peacebuilding

Chair: Daniel de Torres (Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, DCAF)

Claire Duncanson (University of Edinburgh) - Economic Empowerment in the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Carrie Reiling  (University of California, Irvine) - Incorporating Development into the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda

Discussants: Ursula Keller (Swiss Development Cooperation); Mariama Williams (South Centre) (TBC)

  • 17:00-17:30

Take-aways: Moving the Agenda Forward

Carol Cohn (Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights)



Maison de la paix Gender & Diversity Hub

Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

07/06/2017 - 12:15 to 18:00

Auditorium Jacques-Freymond

Rue de Lausanne, 132